Saturday, November 7, 2009

Guy, Interrupted: Ch. 1

Liam opened the door to his dorm room, and tried to suppress a smile that started creeping up his face.

The small room was empty, except for 2 adjacent beds, 2 small desks, one by the window and the other oposite the one shared closet. The room was, in no uncertain terms, definitely spartan, but it was just the way he wanted it to be. For him, this was his first taste of freedom, away from the dramas of his old luxurious, pampered life. It marked new beginnings and whatnot.

Liam hauled his heavy luggage into the room, grunting from the small effort he expended. Despite the hard work, though, he was still all smiles. After all, this simply means that there are no maids around to do these kinds of menial jobs for him. He was finally learning to be independent.

As he began unpacking, his thoughts went back to the discussion he had with his father about being allowed to stay in a normal, average, mediocre college dorm, unsupervised and unattended, in exchange for enrolling all the business classes his father demanded he take that semester. He still couldn't believe his father concurred to the counteroffer, but it was such a small one in his opinion. He wanted to take something in the arts, but his father, of course, wanted him to take business, in preparation for his succession into the family business. And his father can be very persuasive indeed. But he was determined that he would get to study what he really wanted, even if it meant getting a second degree. Whatever, he'll cross that bridge when he gets there.

After he finished unpacking, he bent down to put his suitcase under his chosen bed. He wasn't really sure how beds were selected in such places, but everything looked identical to him, so he just picked the right one, and would just switch if his roommate wanted it.

"Well, what do we have here," a deep, dare he even say seductive, voice said from the doorway. Liam looked back from his bent position, and realizing how obscenely his butt was stuck out, quickly straightened up.

"Oh, hi," Liam said, sticking out his hand to shake. "You must be my roommate, Rafe?"

"Yeah, I must be." The guy said with a cocky grin, reaching out to shake Liam's outstretched hand. Rafe's grip on Liam's hand was firm, maybe a little too firm for Liam's comfort. It had a possessive quality to it that made the little hairs at his nape stand up. Rafe looked Liam up and down, as if appraising him. Well, he'll definitely be no match for this guy, Liam thought. Aside from his slender 5'10" frame, Rafe's 6'2" height was coupled with pure ripped muscle. But it was when Rafe brought his deep blue eyes to his own gray ones that Liam started feeling a bit uneasy. There was something so intense about the way he stared that just made him uneasy. It was almost as if his eyes were... searching for something that he thought could be found beyond Liam's eyes.

"I'm Liam," Liam said with a nervous smile. "Nice to meet you." Rafe didn't reply, but he has yet to release Liam's hand either.

Liam kept trying to pull his hand back, and was surprised when Rafe just continued to hold onto it, and even pulled it back to his body a bit more more. And as if the evil smirk playing across his lips wasn't enough, Rafe started to caress the back of Liam's hand with his thumb. It was very subtle, but didn't quite go unnoticed with Liam, whose eyes completely bugged out from their sockets at the realizatioin. And as he looked up, Rafe's evil grin just grew to shit-eating proportions that almost said, 'I

Indignantly, fine brows crossed and all, Liam yanked his hand back and just turned around to finish what he had been doing. He decided that he just wasn't going to be friends with this roommate. He was just too weird, and quite frankly, dangerous-seeming.

After finally managing to shove his empty luggage underneath his bed, he started backing out to stand up and was startled to feel Rafe's denim-covered groin at the crack of his butt. He got so flustered over the
surprising feeling of his roommate's ominous bulge, for it was that noticeable, that he stumbled and plopped down onto the bed. Rafe just laughed at his reaction, and to Liam's ears, it sounded menacing.

"This is a really nice view," Rafe said to the now furiously blushing Liam. And still with that shit-eating grin, but with an obvious change in demeanor, he added, "I could really get used to it."

And with that, he went to his side of the room and started unpacking.

Liam just half-sat there in the middle of his bed. He couldn't understand the guy. What was his deal? He certainly didn't do anything wrong. And somehow, he couldn't help but feel like Rafe was insinuating
something... something so dreadful.

"So tell me, roomie," Rafe suddenly said, breaking the awkward silence. "Just how long is it going to take before you to start begging for my cock?"

"What?" Liam asked, completely perplexed by Rafe's question. Rafe turned towards him, and Liam saw his lips curl into that devious smile he's grown accustomed to hate.

"Relax," Rafe replied with a husky laugh, and started walking towards him. "If you won't fight it, I know you'll definitely enjoy my huge cock sliding in and out of those pretty pink lips of yours. I'm about nine and a half, you know."

"Fuck you! I'm not gay!" Liam spatted, quickly fumbling to stand up. Unfortunately, Rafe was too fast for him, and he had Liam pinned down on the bed again in seconds. Liam struggled as much as he could, but with
Rafe's entire muscular weight on top of him, he simply didn't stand a chance. And before he could even think to scream, Rafe's lips pressed down on Liam's in a long, hard kiss.

It was as if time stood still. Liam felt the heat rise into his cheeks. He didn't know what to do. He's never been kissed by a guy before. Heck, he's hardly kissed a girl properly, and now this. He fucking didn't know what to fucking do!

He tried to thrash his head around, but Rafe's lips held him steady, his rough 5 o'clock shadow easily scratching Liam's soft, smooth skin. He started pushing with his hands, but Rafe effortlessly clenched both his wrists on top of his head with his right hand. Rafe just overpowered Liam in any which way, and all his attempts at escape remained futile. And when he felt Rafe's left hand start creeping up under his flimsy t-shirt, he started to panic. He felt Rafe's hand rest on his ribcage, his thumb making slow, circular strokes on his skin, just below his nipple. The sensual caress made Liam gasp, and the mistake of opening his mouth was all the invitation Rafe's tongue needed to plunder the velvety depths of his mouth. Liam tried to scream, but his protests were drowned by Rafe's deep groans of pleasure as their kiss deepended.

Liam was now at a loss. He had nowhere else to go. He felt helpless. He couldn't fight Rafe off for the life of him. The guy was just too strong. He could feel Rafe's denim-clad member lengthening as he ground his hips into his denim-clad groin. And suddenly, with tears slowly streaming down the side of his eyes, his muffled protests melted away into muffled sobs, as he felt his body being drained of all its strength while Rafe's tongue continued to hungrily devour the insides of his mouth.

When Rafe felt that Liam had stopped protesting and start to relax a bit, he slowly raised his head. For the first time, Liam could see that his grin was gone. He felt Rafe's left hand brush the lock of chocolate brown hair that had fallen around his eyes away, and with a voice all soft and sexy, he heard Rafe say the words in an almost desperate whisper without a trace of irony, "God, you are so beautiful."

"W-What do you want?" Liam asked him, even as he choked back more tears. "I told you I'm not gay."

"Oh? Is that really what you believe?" Rafe countered his weak statement, his sneer returning. "You don't even sound sure of it yourself. I could tell from the minute I saw you. I had a cock-sucking roommate."

With that, Liam started struggling again. The crude assumptions did nothing to appease his bruised ego. Rafe chuckled as he pushed his entire weight on top of the now-furious Liam.

"You bastard!" Liam cried. "I am not a cocksucker!"

"Oh, really?" Rafe sneered, his words dripping with sarcasm. "You've never, not once in your entire life, sucked off a friend? Helped a buddy out, hmm? Why, with your pretty boy looks, I just find that so hard to believe."

"Get off me, you disgusting pig!" Liam exclaimed, and struggled once more, only to be shut up by another hard kiss from Rafe.

"You didn't answer my question, pretty boy," Rafe simply stated after a couple of minutes. "You know, your lips are just the softest things ever, I'm sure it must've been pure bliss for those guys you've sucked off-"

"One guy!" Liam suddenly exclaimed. "Okay?! There was one guy... my-my best friend. We sucked each other off at least once a week." Rafe just held his gaze, his snide smile returning to his face. The silence that
ensued scared Liam.

"Did you like it?" Rafe asked, and when Liam looked away, he laughed. "I knew it. Now, are you going to suck my dick or not? Come on, pretty boy, no one's gonna know. It'll be our little secret."

"No!" Liam shouted, still struggling even when he knew it would be to no avail. "Get off me!"

"Fine, then," Rafe said. "Have it your way."

With lightning-quick moves Rafe had Liam's arms pinned down to his sides. His legs suddenly straddling Liam's chest before what was happening even began to register. Liam just stared at Rafe wide-eyed as he slowly
unbuckled his belt, as if to prolong his agony. Color crept up Liam's face as he realized what was about to happen. When Rafe's belt was finally unbuckled, he pulled at it so quickly that Liam had to shut his eyes from the sound the rushing leather made against the denim fabric of his jeans. He casually threw the offending strip of leather aside, the buckle making a loud clanging noise on the wooden floor. Liam flinched.

"Ooh..." Rafe said, sniggering at Liam's reaction, and just as Liam opened his eyes again. Rafe quickly unbuttoned and pulled down the zipper with a resounding 'ziiipp'. Liam looked at Rafe's sneering face.

"You can't be serious, man." Liam pleaded, wide-eyed.

"Oh, but I am, pretty boy," Rafe answered. He bit his tongue sexily at the corner of his mouth, and slowly extricating his half-hard dick and low-hanging balls from their denim prison. He was sans undergarment, it seemed.

Liam's eyes bugged out once more. From his vantage point, Rafe's balls looked huge! And his cock, even bigger!

"And if you so much as fucking try anything..."

Wham! Liam felt Rafe's fist graze his cheek as it narrowly missed his head and instead landed on the mattress. Rafe's sneer returned. "Open wi-ide..."

Liam thrashed his head about, clamping his mouth shut. With a hearty laugh, Rafe pinched his nose and waited until Liam couldn't breathe anymore, and his mouth automatically opened. Rafe shoved his half-hard cock inside the open cavity. Rafe released Liam's nose and closed his eyes, relishing in the warm softness of Liam's tongue as it massaged his dick from underneath. And as more of Liam's warm wetness enveloped him, Rafe's cock grew more and more, until it reached its length. With fear in his eyes, Liam shook his head. And as he felt the bulbous head pushing at his throat, he started to gag and moan, sending ripples of pleasure around Rafe's dick.

"Oh, yeah, that's it," Rafe criede, and he started fucking his engorged manhood in and out, in and out, in and out of Liam's mouth. Liam was swallowing every now and then, still trying to get the oversized dick
out of his unwilling mouth, not realizing the wonderful effects it was causing on Rafe's pulsating cock. His tongue was doing wonders, involuntarily massaging Rafe's dick, his saliva coating it like oil, and Rafe started to furiously fuck his mouth.

Rafe looked down at Liam and brushed his hair away from his eyes again. Looking straight into Liam's wide eyes, he laughed at him.

"Take it! Oh, god! Take my huge cock down your throat!"

Liam's lips were now red and raw from the abuse Rafe's cock was giving it, and the bitter taste of his precum lingered on his tongue, as the nine-inch monster continued ramming its way into his throat, despite the slightly odd angle. And when Rafe would push it down his throat more, and Liam would feel it graze the back of his throat, he would cough from the assault. But it only seemed to spur Rafe on, as he felt those muscles contracting around his moving fuck-pole.

Tears were now streaming down the sides of Liam's eyes, as his jaw began to ache. He continued to sputter every now and then when Rafe pushed the huge cock at the back of his throat. As Rafe's groans grew louder and louder, and his pounding grew faster and harder, Liam finally felt the thing engorge to an even wider girth, and was resorted to waiting for the impending explosion.

"Oh, god! Oh, yeeesss..." Rafe groaned, as he let loose huge volley after huge volley of sticky cum. Liam gagged and sputtered as Rafe's cum hit the back of his throat with such force. He refused to swallow which was a mistake as they clogged his air passage way, and the amount was so much that it continued to flood out his mouth.

Spent and sensitive, and still wearing his usual shit-eating grin, Rafe slowly lifted himself out of Liam's mouth and plopped down on his side on the bed. He propped himself up on an elbow and brushed Liam's hair away from his eyes. "You know, if you didn't fight so much, we both totally could've enjoyed that."

Eyes brimming with tears, Liam just lay on the bed quietly, not knowing what to think. Was he relieved? Yes. But did he like it? He didn't think so, but he wasn't sure. At the same time, why didn't he despise what happened more? It confused poor Liam to no end.

Liam felt Rafe planting an almost tender kiss on his lips as he continued to stare blankly at the ceiling.

"Relax, roomie," Rafe said quietly to Liam, tapping his wet and reddened cheek for good measure. He stood up and went to his bed to finish unpacking his stuff. "You weren't that bad. We'll practice your technique a bit, and next week, we move on to fucking."

But Liam never even heard Rafe. He had bolted off his bed, and was out the door before Rafe even looked over his shoulder to find him gone.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Lulls: Ch. 1

ONE | Creep and Consequence

Azrael closed the book he was reading with a sated sigh. God, that was a good chapter. He checked his watch. It was already one in the morning. He looked around for his best friend, Mat. He should have texted by now. Azrael guessed it meant his friend wasn’t getting lucky that night. He decided he’d give him a few more minutes before he calls it a night, whether Mat joins him or not.

“How about a dance, cutie?” a guy asked as he sidled up next to the bar stool where Azrael sat. His words were slurred and his eyes seemed hazy. Azrael wasn’t surprised, considering the amount of alcohol he reeked.

“Uh, no thanks,” Azrael said, smiling nervously.

“Whatsa matter, sweetcheeks, I’m not good enough for ya?” drunky drunk guy said, spittle raining from his foul-breathed mouth while a large hand slithered up his thigh.

Azrael held on to the guy’s wrist, preventing the rogue hand from snaking its way further up. He looked around frantically for someone, anyone he might know. God, where the hell was Mat!? He was beginning to get scared. This was exactly why he didn’t do the club scene! He started thinking of excuses to get away from this guy. But nothing came to him. He always had the best timing.

“Um, well, uh...”

God, he’s stammering now. If only Joe, the bartender on duty whom he’s acquainted with, wasn’t so busy. Maybe he was one of those intuitive people who can sense danger in the air. He could look his way, and maybe Azrael could signal for some help with his eyes. Ugh, that was never gonna happen. This was real life, not some comic book hero movie. He shut his eyes tight, hoping Mat would come to his aid before something bad happens. He was his only chance now.

“Hey baby, sorry I’m late.”

As if in answer to his prayers, a pair of strong arms snaked around Azrael’s waist, and he felt the warmth of a hard body press behind him. The most tender of kisses was planted at the nape of his neck, and Azrael shivered from the sudden intimacy. He didn’t complain, though. The sweet gesture might make the performance more convincing. He whirled around to face his pseudo-lover, his face forced into what he hoped seemed like a loving smile.

“Where were y--“

Azrael trailed off, his fake smile fading into nothingness. Standing before him was a gorgeous man whose face and body rivaled that of any top male model. But it wasn’t his best friend Mat.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I got held up at work,” the gorgeous guy said with a warm smile, scratching his head for good measure. He gave Azrael a wink at the look of alarm on his face, as if urging him to play along. Gorgeous went ahead and entwined his fingers with Azrael’s, his thumb tracing lazy circles on his palm. Then he looked at the drunk guy. “Who’s your friend?”

It seemed to have worked. The drunk guy snorted, shook his head, raised his arms in defeat, then went away muttering incoherently to himself.
The gorgeous guy beamed at Azrael, and was a little surprised at the intensity of the stare that met him. Whatevere he was expecting, it wasn’t that look. Azrael untangled their clasped hands, and immediately looked away.

“Why’d you do that?” Azrael asked with a tinge of derision in his voice.

“Uh, you’re welcome,” the guy retorted, the warmth in his smile had now been replaced with amused bewilderment.

“Thank you. Now why’d you do it?”

The guy looked at Azrael. He was starting to get annoyed with his attitude. What was up with that, anyway? He did the guy a favor, and this is the thanks he gets? So much for playing good samaritan.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I thought you needed help, what with the look of panic that was etched so painstakingly on your face,” he said sarcastically. “Silly me, I thought the guy was harassing you. I didn’t know you actually wanted to be with that creep. If I’d known, I wouldn’t have bothered.”

“Hey, I’m not saying I’m not grateful,” Azrael said, training his lapis lazuli eyes on the guy’s crystal blue ones keenly. He had to force himself not to be distracted by the beautifully strange color of the guy’s eyes. It seemed so easy to get lost in them. “I am. And I thank you for coming to my rescue. But I alslo need to know why you did it.”
Now the guy really was annoyed.

“Like I said, I thought you could use the help. You didn’t look like the type who hooked up with his kind.”

There was a pause. They just looked at each other, daring the other to make a move. It was almost as if Azrael was trying, and trying hard, to get a glimpse of the guy’s soul. Or at least that’s what it felt like to the guy. And he thought it was pretty significant, too, because he did something he normally never does.

“I’m Warren,” the guy said, extending his hand and putting on one of his smiles.

It’s one of those perfect smiles, Azrael thought. The ones that could charm the pants right off a person. He shuddered at the thought and forced himself to look away.

He doesn’t remember. Figures.

Azrael never took the guy’s extended hand. He whirled around on his stool and picked up his book from the bar. He gave a curt nod to the bartender, Joe, left some tip on the bowl in front of him even when he didn’t order anything, and sauntered off towards the club’s egress.

“What, no kiss goodbye, babe?” the guy called after him, and loudly too. Enough so that it made some people turn around and stare at the cause of the sudden kerfuffle. “Hey, at least tell me your name. Hey!”

But Azrael didn’t look back.

+ + +

Outside, Azrael leaned against the brick wall, and heaved a great sigh. He closed his eyes, willing the tears, the tears that surprisingly came and threatened to fall and further humiliate him, away.

Of course he would’t remember. Why the hell would he remember?

He was different tonight, though. He wasn’t slick or smooth. There were no player moves, no suave words. He wasn’t like his usual cocky, self-assured, son-of-a-bitch self. He wasn’t even drunk, which meant he was sober the entire time. That hasn’t happened in months. What happened back there was all so very gallant and charming and sweet. It was all very peculiar and atypical and curious. And for the first time in a long while, he seemed almost... normal. Azrael laughed at the irony. He couldn’t help it.

Azrael jumped as a ring from his then vibrating phone jolted him from his reverie. He took it out of his pocket. It was Mat. He took a couple of deep, calming breaths before he pressed the answer button.

“Hey Mat,” Azrael said in an excessively cheerful tone. “Any luck?”

“Nah. Maybe not tonight,” Mat replied, sounding a little tipsy but otherwise non-deterred. Azrael was glad. Dejected Mat is whiny, although he would never tell that to his friend’s face.

“Sorry, man. Tough luck,” Azrael encouraged his friend. “But hey, there’s always tomorrow. Not a lot of nice tail in there tonight anyway.”

“Yeah... I think I’m ready to head home.”

“Okay,” Azrael said serenely. “I’m right outside the door.”

“Heh, I thought you might be,” Mat snorted. There was a pause. It was as if he was going to say something, but decided against it. “I’ll be right out.”

Mat came out about a minute later. He smiled when he saw Azrael leaning adorably on the wall, a leg propped up behind him. He seemed deep in thought and was oblivious to the many interested stares he got from the few people still out, passing him by. His friend had no idea how cute he was sometimes. Azrael is stunning in his own right. He could be a model if he was any taller. And he’s told him so several times, but Azrael just scoffed at him each time. What Azrael doesn’t realize is that the modesty just adds to his charm. He doesn’t understand how someone so... great, could be so alone. It’s why he brings Azrael to these places in the first place, despite his unwavering protests. Only, instead of mingling, Azrael just sits in the most well-lit corner of the room and reads. Reads! In a bar! While others around him drank and danced and committed gratuitous acts of inebriation. ‘Hey, I’m a bibliophile. What did you expect?’ Azrael would simply say to him, with a casual shrug and an evocative smile. If only he was gay or at least bisexual, or if only Azrael had been a girl, he would so tap that!

Mat loved his best friend to bits. Their bond was stronger than brothers, and he wouldn’t trade him for the world. And with the shitloads of stuff they’ve been through growing up, Azrael’s even more grave than Mat’s, he wants Azrael to have every happiness. He believes Azrael deserved nothing less, for time and circumstance had proven to him who his true friends are, and Azrael’s loyalty never faltered. Best friends forever, and all that crap, Azrael had once said to him.

Mat laughed and shook his head, amused despite their predicament. He slugged an arm across Azrael’s shoulders, and smiled at his friend, who smiled back just as eagerly. Best friends forever, and all that crap, he thought. They walked a little ways away before managing to hail a cab, and the two rode home in companionable silence.

Lulls: Prologue


With a final cry of carnal bliss, he came inside his newest conquest. A pretty blonde thing, with a face that was innocent and angelic. Definitely young-looking, maybe not even legal. But what the hell.

He plopped on top of the boy to recover. He was breathing pretty hard into the boy’s ear, but most of his partners said that was sexy anyway. When he’d regained enough strength, he pulled out unmercifully from the boy. There was blood, as he expected, since his conquest had been a virgin. Nice.

“You know where the door is, right?” he said rather callously, as he started walking toward the bathroom. “Just show yourself out.”
This was his routine. This was his method. And he did it unapologetically. Fuck the living daylights out of his conquests, then leave. Just like that. Never engage in affectionate acts like ‘cuddling’, lest they start to think that what transpired between them was more than just a one night stand, or worse, the beginning of a relationship. He shivered at the thought.

He heard a hurried shuffling and the muffled sounds of clothing against frenzied limbs as he emptied his bladder in the toilet. He stepped into the shower, and just as he turned the water on, he heard a distant click from his apartment door.